Quality Assurance

We’re committed to providing to our customers the quality product that they expect and deserve. Our Quality Assurance Program, applies a proactive approach of six sigma and lean manufacturing techniques. Each of our processes go through an extensive current and future state process mapping to ensure process optimization. All team members are involved in the process mapping and play an integral role in the continuous improvement efforts.


Validation Laboratory Capabilities


Injection Mold Machines:

  • Injection mold machine, 100 ton
  • Injection mold machine, 75 ton
  • Injection mold machine, 55 ton


  • (2) ASTM family molds
  • (1) ISO Tensile bar mold
  • (1) ISO Izod/Flexural bar mold
  • Die Cut – Die C


  • Ash/Filler Content
  • Density
  • FTIR


  • Notched Charpy Impact
  • Gardner Impact
  • Notched Izod Impact


  • Flexural Properties
  • Tensile Properties


  • DSC Analysis
  • Flammability
  • Heat Deflection Temperature
  • Melt Flow
  • Vicat Softening Point


  • Durometer – Shore A
  • Durometer – Shore D
  • Durometer – Shore DO


  • Moisture Content – Weight Loss
  • Moisture Content - Titration
  • Stereo Microscopy